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What PromoBlend can offer your Business

Affordable Platform

A very affordable advertising platform where businesses of any scale can display their products and services. Also Included are some free units to begin.

Flexible Navigations

An easy to use navigation system of the admin page and a total control of the different parts: Campaigns, Products, Prices, Durations and Budget.

Broadcast Capabilities

The capability of broadcasting campaign products and services to mobile app users of your chosen location, age groups and gender.

Traffic Monitoring

An awesome feature for monitoring the traffic to products: the number broadcasts, clicks, and the unit used in a given period of time.

Daily Budgetting

For each of your campaign, you may set the daily limit on the amount of units to be used.

Consumer Auto-Notification

PromoBlend mobile users whose notification flags are ON may be notified of your new product at no cost to you.

PromoBlend Mobile App

The PromoBlend App comes with a lot of features specifically designed to allow end users effectively search for different promotion in their respective locations.

It contains a shopping list capability where you can save your various shopping items and turn on the notification to alert you when any of the items is available on sale.

Searched products can be saved in your favourites folder for later references, and they can also be shared with your contacts via every shareable applications on your mobile device.

It is easy to use and it is very free.